An Artificial Intelligence company with an image recognition API

Founded in 2015, is an Artificial Intelligence company based in Barcelona. We entered the market to push it to new boundaries with our image recognition API. With a team of 15 people, growing to 25-40 people by the end of 2017, has become a serious player on the market with Artificial Intelligence. After finishing funding phases and increasing interest in investing in, we managed to establish our start-up with a firm foundation, growing into a strategic and innovative computer vision company with the expertise in image recognition for the Real Estate market. The client sees us as a pioneer in the artificial intelligence technology with the aspect of Image Recognition. We are one of the first in the market with the expertise that gives accurate and relevant results to meet all business needs. We make the technology suitable to be used by everyone. is a company with an international positioning with clients from different countries. Even though we are active in a few specific markets (Europe and the United States), we are able to adapt our technology and enter different markets. For this reason, we have a market leader from India as one of our clients and much more to come. Our image recognition API allows us to approach and attract clients with customized requests as well.

Our mission is to help companies automate high-volume visual tasks to optimize their data management by extracting industry-specific information from images. We position ourselves as a computer vision company, leading in the Real Estate market with the strength to adapt and operate in other markets with our image recognition technology. We deliver tight-knit service between our clients and us with constant monitoring and on-demand service to always deliver critical value by answering specific business needs. We will stay active in the Real Estate market but also gain more knowledge about different industries whereby we increase our resources and our ability to adapt and push our technology to various clients in the next months.


Recent activities

We started to attend start-up alleys and events in Barcelona, Paris and New York to give our start-up a kickoff. However, now at the moment, we are moving into many events like RESO in Austin, RENT in Barcelona and the Mobile World Conferences in 2016 and 2017. There are many more conferences planned in the following months in 2017 in Europe and the United states and we see how the interest in our image recognition API is growing rapidly with curiosity and the acceptance of integrating artificial intelligence in a business to benefit from its technology and push their companies to new limits.

Artificial intelligence

This is an exploding technology which has taken a serious impact on the current market with a growing acceptance and integration of business processes. To briefly explain what artificial intelligence is, we would like to emphasize the fact that it is basically learning a computer program doing tasks. As with the means of, it needs (human) intelligence to execute tasks independently. There are different methods to ‘teach’ a program to execute tasks. Deep learning is a method for machine learning (AI) with algorithms. As, we used deep learning to create an image recognition model. Artificial intelligence means it is able to copy human behavior. As an example, AI in Real Estate has a huge potential as this is mainly a human environment. With new technology, agents can be provided with more and better data thanks to new developments, decreasing disruptions and respectively increasing their profitability by automating visual tasks.

Image recognition

Our product is a cloud-based image recognition API which is easily integrated into a company's’ system. With’ API, companies are now able to benefit from the Artificial Intelligence technology to save money and time by managing their images more efficiently. The technology has is a deep learning platform for image classification, object detection, and image segmentation. Our image recognition API delivers metadata in terms of classification of home scenes, extracts features from images, extracting objects and it also recognizes logos and watermarks.