"HOW AI DELIVERS A BETTER USER EXPERIENCE"- Global Online Classifieds Summit

This week Dominik & Damià had the opportunity to participate in the Global Online Classifieds Summit. As AI experts they presented some of the new trends in AI that are shaping the direction of the Online Classifieds industry.

Dominik stepped onto the stage and shared how some of our customers are using AI to deliver a better user experience through the use of Voice Recognition, Image Recognition, and Big data.

Dominik mentioned DOSS a Digital Real Estate Assistant powered by voice recognition, predictive analytics, and our Specialized Image Recognition for Real Estate that paves the way for voice-to-image search.

One great example of mixing Artificial Intelligence with Big Data is TLCengine, a platform that generates curated results for potential buyers through the use of AI prescriptive content. TLCengine also tags all of its images using computer vision in order to give buyers a more visual browsing experience and the ability to compare listings room-by-room.

Last but not least he shared how the Apimo CRM uses image recognition to facilitate the agent's process of creating a listing by automatically tagging and organizing every uploaded image.

These are some of the success stories of using our technology in real world scenarios. Do you want to know more?

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