How Real Estate Portals can leverage AI

Key Takeaways:

     1. Leverage AI to optimize your listing creation processes

     2. Automate your property portal compliance

     3. Empower your teams with rich, accurate, and standardized market insights

     4. Bring your SEO to the next level using AI image captions


1. Optimize Listing Creation Processes

Thanks to AI, leading portals are revolutionizing the real estate industry and executing time-consuming processes instantly and automatically. By extracting the most relevant and personalized visual insights, portals can retain the greatest value at each step of the customer journey.

Listing Creation-2

2. Moderate Content Automatically

When it comes to content moderation, the expansion of automated image and content moderation is innovating the real estate industry and becoming a first class solution, which enables to remove the risk of human error and automate a series of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

The following checklist will help you identify where you portal stands:


3. Leverage Market Insights 

With artificial intelligence and computer vision, portals can make the most of market insights to provide complete, accurate, and standardized data to agents, lenders, or investors, supporting them making smarter decisions.


4. Boost SEO

Given the intense competition between real estate portals for traffic and SEO optimization, provides a game-changing advantage by harnessing AI-powered image captions to make listings stand out.