Top 10 Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents

Realtors can be forgiven for believing all the new tech coming onto the market is meant for customers who want to cut the human agent out of the Deal. However, there are more tools at the disposal of agents than ever before. Software applications ease lead generation, provide enhanced customer experiences, and help buyers plan for their futures.

Here are some of the technologies that are helping realtors make their customers happy and increasing profits, too.


Lead Generation


Structurely's Aisa Holmes Chatbot manages an agent’s leads. Chatbots carry on dialogs with humans about narrow topics. Structurely has programmed its app to maintain contact with potential real estate customers. That can involve cold-calling leads, keeping in contact with prospective buyers, answering simple questions, and converting leads into sales.

Structurely real estate disruption proptech

The computer vision solution identifies, categorizes, and correlates real estate-specific features and settings in photographs that present consumers with results that match their expectations.



It is an app that enables realtors to live-stream guided tours of properties. The service makes the broadcast available for 24 hours after the initial presentation. Viewers can provide sessions a “heart,” similar to a Facebook “like,”. The “hearts” help agents prioritize their sales efforts.

3D Tours are becoming an essential tool in real estate. It’s a natural application to a well-established industry: showcasing a property to sell customers on it.


Immoviewer provides community and property tours with integrated floor plans the company’s software creates without measuring.


Based in the United States, it provides the software, hardware, and services realtors need to produce custom Virtual Reality tours of properties.

Augmented Reality is also peaking when it comes to real estate. Compared to 3D Tours, Augmented Reality places digital objects onto real life contexts. When a potential customer visits a property, they can visualize how their own furniture would look like in that house.


An Augmented Reality application that does 3D staging. It enables virtual staging, interior design, and furniture modelling and rendering. 

Roomy augmented reality real estate tools

Mortgage Calculations


A tool offering agents a way to valuate properties. Users of the app can gain valuations of a property as a whole, or room by room. They can even adjust valuations based on any restorations or renovations owners have performed on properties.


Habito is a digital mortgage advisor. The service scans over 70 lenders that manage over 20,000 loan products. Algorithms supply an initial estimate of future mortgage obligations. A team of human advisors picks up with customers to address more complex issues surrounding a mortgage.




CamScanner turns a mobile phone into a document scanner. The application reduces the costs of making photocopies of documents. Save money on transcriptions through the software’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature, which converts images of words into letters and numbers that users can edit in standard word processors.

CamScanner real estate tools tech


Floor Plan Visuals

The company presents clients with digital floor plans that are accurate to the millimeter. Customers can print the designs or build digital 3D renderings and animations of properties.


Interior designers and architects are using Wooba's VR app and goggles to envision how the inside of their dream properties may look with virtual furniture and decoration.


The list presents the tip of the iceberg of what PropTech has to offer realtors. The fields of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Big Data, social media, and Blockchain are opening more opportunities for real estate companies to build their sales pipelines, save time, close more deals more quickly, and make customers happy.

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